The Art of Francesco Francavilla

12 Cover Puzzle by Francesco Francavilla

It was a year ago when IDW editor Denton Tipton approached me asking if I was interested in doing covers for a 12-issue, all 2013 long, celebratory miniseries for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.
Being a HUGE Doctor Who fan (as some of you might know already), I didn’t have Denton to ask me the question twice: I was so EXCITED to finally tackle, in a more official, BBC approved way, one of my favorite characters ever and one of my favorite tv shows ever.

So I asked Denton what they wanted from me for this set of covers: “each month will be a different incarnation of the Doctor” he said, “so it’s pretty much your chance to draw all the Doctors and have fun with it”.

Since I like the puzzle or combining pictures to make a bigger pictures, I came up with the idea to do a big TARDIS puzzle, with each Doctor being a piece, and have the readers building it as they buy the issues month by month. I also suggested the order of the piece to reflect the time-space vortex in the opening titles of the tv show (see diagrams above).
Denton loved the idea right away, but we had to submit it to BBC for final approval. I kept my fingers crossed and it worked cause tomorrow you are getting the last piece (#12 - cover shown above) of this big TARDIS puzzle.

Now you can build that thing and jump on it and have the adventures of the lifetime! Or just a nice 12 covers/books puzzle of Doctor WHOs and the TARDIS ;)

BIG THANKS to Dento Tipton, IDW, and BBC for letting me do this thing: it was ridiculously FUN!


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