The Art of Francesco Francavilla

Third NECROLOGUE Lobby Card featuring Brian Michael Bendis. 

Order THE BLACK BEETLE NECROLOGUE #1 today when you go in stores, and ask your retailer to order you also a copy of THE BLACK BEETLE NO WAY OUT HC (see above) out in October the week before NECROLOGUE comes out.

(now available for pre-orders!)
WRITTEN BY: Francesco Francavilla
ART BY: Francesco Francavilla
COVER: Francesco Francavilla
RELEASE: 10/23

Someone’s murdering the citizens of Colt City, and there’s only one man who can stop this killing spree: the Black Beetle! 

But as Black Beetle investigates these grisly murders, questions arise about the masked detective: Is he a daring hero or a reckless vigilante? With a past veiled in the shadow of mystery, Black Beetle takes on a dark mission that will keep you screaming in the thrilling new miniseries Necrologue! 

* From the mind of Eisner Award–winning and New York Times best-selling creator Francesco Francavilla! 
* “The hard-boiled mystery hits the ground running and doesn’t pause to catch its breath.”—Nerdist 
* “Francesco Francavilla creates a fully realised pulp hero in the Black Beetle. Do we have a new Rocketeer here? It’s looking more and more like it.”—Bleeding Cool

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